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The kennel was founded in 1984 in Phoenix Az. We, (my family), has dedicated all these years to top of the line breeding program. Not only do we have the traditional line of Airedale, but we are the original breeders (for this generation), of the rare Black Airedales as well.

We have a D.N.A. report with our secretary, We now  have eight generations on the ground.

I, Southern Sollars, have spent the  last 27 years raising these exceptional animals. I have been a dog breeder for 58 years. I was raised in a Great Dane Kennel. I totally guarantee my animals, as you will read on.
There are those who take credit for what I have done. Many are only breeding for money. This is not my intentions. I truly love this breed. I am striving for the best of them.
I am in Countryman's Weekly and Dogs Monthly both July 04 issues, both out of England.
I have 5 dogs in photo here, 2 red and 3 blacks.

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Addtional Books

By David Hancock

Dogs A Companions,  Old Working Dogs,  The Heritage of the Dog,  The Bullmastiff - A Breeder's Guide Vol 1 & 2,  Old Farm Dogs, The Mastiffs - The Big Game Hunters,  The Bullmastiff - A Breeder's Guide,  The World of the Lurcher,  Sporting Terriers - Their Form Function & Future,  Sight Hounds - Their Form Function & Future,  Gundogs - Their Past Performance & Prospects,  Hounds - Hunting by Scent,  Dogs of the Shepherds - A Review of the Pastoral Breeds.
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